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  • Babak Ahmadi

    Babak Ahmadi

    founder and CEO
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Babak Ahmadi

Mr. Babak Ahmadi is the founder and CEO of Yalda EB-5, where he and his staff introduce prospective EB-5 investors to the top EB-5 projects in the United States. Mr. Ahmadi’s passion for business and real estate development lead him to work with the leading U.S. EB-5 project developers wherein he vets, and hand selects the projects he deems to have the highest chances of overall success in the industry. Mr. Ahmadi has developed a keen sense of the business through his years of hands-on involvement in both real estate and various other businesses. As a seasoned businessman with an entrepreneurship spirit, he has developed and spearheaded several successful business ventures. Mr. Ahmadi has a unique approach to his work in that he is a globe trotter; in his travels he has learned to speak several different languages and is fluent in Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, English, and his native language, Farsi. As a gifted linguist, he is able to better understand the needs of individuals in various cultures.

Mr. Ahamdi’s years of experience in business as well as his love for learning new cultures has led him to develop Yalda EB-5 wherein he helps other investors like him, to choose the projects they deem suitable. Mr. Ahmadi utilizes a meticulous process and ensures proper due diligence guidelines are followed when introducing an EB-5 Investor to a given EB-5 Regional Center. Yalda EB-5 has developed a reputation for being one of the premiere EB-5 brokerage firms in the MENA region particularly because of the philosophy which Mr. Ahmadi imparts onto his staff: to put the client’s interests ahead of their own. This is the motto which earned Yalda EB-5 an honorary award by the renowned EB-5 Magazine at its annual gathering in Los Angeles in 2018. Yalda EB-5 employs the top EB-5 Foreign Agents apt at handling clients from across the globe. Yalda EB-5 caters to a growing number of select clientele who place their trust in Yalda EB-5 to represent their interests with honesty and integrity which is so critical to the EB-5 process. Mr. Ahmadi personally invites you to begin your new adventure in the United States by first making an appointment with one of Yalda EB-5’s trusted advisors.

Yalda Arshadi

Yalda Arshadi is the vice president of Yalda EB-5 Consultants Agency.

In addition to completing her studies in the field of English literature, which was her great interest, she started to read and educate herself in economy and finance, as she was very keen to gain working knowledge in these areas.

She has been helping many investors receive their US green cards by choosing great viable projects and experienced attorneys during these years and is an award winner of “Top 100 Global Migration Agency CEOs”.

She is very active and travels throughout the MENA region to visit investors, and Projects’ CEOs/Representatives in person.

  • Yalda Arshadi

    Yalda Arshadi

    founder and manager