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We are specialized in immigration to the USA through EB-5 investment program.We’ve been helping clients mainly from MENA region and India for the last several years.Our company’s goal is to help clients pick the right partner and the legal counsel.
With Offices in Tehran and Dubai, we are pleased to provide our services to EB-5 investors and help them choose viable projects to secure their investment and obtain their US Green Cards.

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Yalda EB-5 Consultants

Yalda EB-5 Consultancy Agency

with many years of experience is honored to help EB-5 Investors to pick the right project.

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Why Choose Us

  • We have outstanding experience in the EB-5, and have been awarded as a “Winner of Top 100 Global Migration Agencies”
  • We know the most reliable regional centers with the best track records.
  • We analyze available projects in details, study their capital stack, loan model, etc. to keep the best ones in our list.
  • We help you choose the best match according to your situation and interests.
  • We communicate with your selected project to accept your special requests (if any).
  • We make arrangements for you to visit your chosen project’s site.
  • We arrange meetings between you and your chosen project’s CEO and/or representative.

Our Skills

Award winner


Work with best available projects


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Success in EB-5 immigration cases requires a great project
with the proven path on its side:

  •  USCIS approvals (I-924 exemplar, I-526, and I-829)
  •  Managed by a well-known Regional Center & Developer
  •  Capable of creating a minimum of 10 full-time jobs per investor
  •  Complete the project according to the plan
  •  Return investor’s funds in the scheduled time
  •  Continue keeping the created jobs for at least five years
  • Dubai Number:
    Dubai: (971) 50 782 0905
  • Tehran Number:
    Tehran: (+98) 912 512 3074
  • E-mail: